New Products

New cooperations with manufacturers of seed enhancement products and seed treatment machines:

agri Saaten GmbH has set up a new cooperation with Teal B.V. and Ad Terram B.V. For this purpose, Teal GmbH and Ad Terram GmbH were founded in Germany. These companies develop professional seed enhancement products and seed treatment machines. More is info in our new catalog on pages 6 and 7.




Caravel F1 (CA 9546): Nantaise carrot in the early field (90-100 days). Good new alternative to our Calibra F1. The foliage is stable and healthy. 

Carrillon F1 (CA 9647): One of our varieties, which has the most healthy foliage. Nantaise type, very homogeneous, about 120 days development time. Good storage.

Caltona F1 (CA 723): Flakkee type like Maxima, large roots, high yield, but intense dark color and very healthy foliage. Good brix values.

Calantis F1 (CA 98-681): Due to its uniform, cylindrical shape, this carrot is particularly suitable for the production of slices.



Lustar F1: Very early Japanese, round yellow, brown skin. Very productive, easy to process.
Paradiso F1: Our “Toprunner” in the medium-term segment. This bulb has a very strength shell, strong foliage and round, very firm bulbs. It stands for longest storage and high yields.
Balstar F1: A round, brown-skinned winter onion with a fine neck. Korean origin.


Sweet Corn:


Intensive breeding in the USA has produced new varieties in the early segment and in the tender segment (super sweet, more intense taste). Contact us.




Basil AGRICO: Compact, beautiful, smooth and dark green basil for pot production


Wild rocket EXTREMA: New, healthy arugula in the field Sierra for year-round sample growth.




New aromatic spinach types for the baby leaf production:


AGX 3118: Spring and autumn spinach with very strong, oval and stable leaves. Pfs: 1-12,14


AGX 192: Newest spinach variety for the spring and autumn cultivation, is similar but slightly more upright than AGX 3118. Pfs: 1-15


AGX 1287: Summer spinach variety for babyleaf production with almost round, slightly wavy, upright and thicker leaves with an attractive dark colour. The growth is slower. Pfs: 1-12, 14, 15


AGX 1154: Special summer variety for babyleaf production, of about 2 days after AGX 1287. It is also nearly round, slightly wavy, strong and upright, thicker and dark green leaves and a high yield. Pfs: 1-9, 11-15