about us

We deal with an exclusive assortment ( set-onions, onions, carrots, herbs and sweet corn seeds) and give a correspondingly qualified cultivation advice primarily to farmers, seed traders / growers and agricultural cooperatives. Customer-specific features, such as Individual packaging sizes, coating, etc., are of course possible.

Agri Saaten GmbH operates worldwide, mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.

Intensive breeding work in the USA has produced new interesting varieties in the Sugar Maize segment. The new tenders are very tasty and juicy.

With our carrot program we are more and more successful in the fresh market and in the industry. Seed is available in best quality and caliber size.

In the onion area we offer you a comprehensive program from early Japanese top hybrids to equally successful varieties in the storage segment.

We have also news to offer in herbs and spinach. Please find it under „new products“.